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Hair’s the scoop on getting Youtube famous

The Cameron A. YouTube channel gained 8,000 followers and 1 million views without any new uploads for two years. The main topic? Hair.

Cameron Alexander, a senior studying business management – marketing, runs a YouTube channel all about hair. His channel is specifically about hair pomade reviews and how-to styles.

After chopping off his longer hair at age 15 for a school play, he didn’t know how to style his hair.

His curiosity led him to join a Facebook group named Everything Pomade. Through the group he was able to gain traction, make friends, become an admin for over almost 10,000 people and learn how to style his hair.

While in the group, people started wondering how he styled his hair so well and asked him to make a video.

After uploading a few videos, he found them to be more successful than he expected.

“Over time, people started giving me their products. I reviewed them, and some started paying me to show them off,” said Alexander.

After making videos for a year, Alexander left on a 2-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Coming back, he was surprised to see that he gained 8,000 followers. He’d left on his mission with 2,000 followers.

Currently, Alexander has 142 videos uploaded and 16,000 subscribers. His most viewed video about how to style a pompadour is sitting at 274,000 views. He currently has a total of 3,711,884 views on his channel.

He said he can’t pick a favorite hair product but has some favorite brands.

“It honestly depends on the style,” Alexander said. “I love O’Douds! They are natural and it makes your hair feel amazing. Next, it has to be Lockharts, then Nostalgic grooming. My last top pick is Pomps no Dead.”

Alexander goes for a pompadour style that was popular in the 50s.

“A pompadour is when you’re going for an old school style,”Alexander said. “It’s when the hair is sleek, shiny, slicked back and has a bump at the front. Sometimes I go for a modern pompadour, which is a drier version of the original style.”

Alexander tried over 200 products and currently has 100.

He recently married his sweetheart Morgan, who happens to be a hairstylist.

While busy with school, he’s making fewer videos but still uploads pomade reviews on YouTube.

“My love for hair videos helped me learn what I wanted to do in life,” Alexander said.

He wants to go into digital software sales because it combines his love for digital items and engaging with others.

A simple love for hair care has become part of Alexander’s life. Dabbling in the world of hair care has helped him define himself and his style.


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