Heat wave hits Rexburg

Image credit: Pixabay

Idaho is experiencing some of the hottest temperatures in years, and some people find it difficult to find fun activities that will keep them cool.

“I really like spending time at a lake or beach,” said Kelly Petersen, a junior studying mathematical sciences. “I enjoy the coolness of the water and the laughter of the people around me. Sometimes I choose to stay inside and hang out with my roommates or take a drive with friends.”

Photo credit: Hailey Buis

There are activities on campus that do not involve being outside, such as rollerskating, bowling, using the swimming pool, and the fitness center.

“I love to curl up to the AC unit, watch Disney plus, and have a bowl of ice cream,” said George Nettles, a freshman studying accounting. “I also enjoy swimming.”

Image credit: pixabay

According to The Weather Channel, “The heatwave not only smashed record highs for a particular calendar day, it’s also reached levels not seen in a few years in parts of the Northern Plains, fueled by parched ground from a long-term drought.”