How European men’s fashion can also be BYU-I men’s fashion

Ties displayed with a unique design for fun events. Photo credit: Ashley Stark

Main Street is graced by stores selling chocolate, clothing and, of course, the beloved Taco Bell. Among all the chaos and excitement, Potter & Co. sits, displaying a variety of European men’s fashion.

Terry and Becky Potter established Potter & Co. in 2018. Terry Potter grew up involved in the unique fashions of the world. The distinctive designs of European fashion were intriguing to him, even at a young age.

He recalled having “a father who, even now, buys about 50-100 shirts customized in Thailand.”

This bond between father and son was the foundation of Potter & Co., and the love for fashion in the family runs deep.

Potter & Co. is dramatically different from the limited options for men’s fashion in Rexburg, including Walmart, thrift stores, C-A-L Ranch or even suit stores on Main Street.

According to Love to Know, European male fashion consists of “rich fabrics, clean silhouettes and an astutely fearless mindset.”

The slim fit of these fabrics is what men are usually looking for when they walk into Potter & Co. European fashion accentuates the body; clothes don’t simply rest on the body. Many customers are shopping for high school events, weddings, casual wear to look nice for date nights and more.

Tlaloc Juarez, a sophomore studying accounting, is a regular customer at Potter & Co. He has shopped for his personal wardrobe and for wedding suits as a groomsman. Juarez appreciated the Potters’ help and passion for finding the perfect attire.

“(Terry) loves to get people dressed up and feel good about themselves,” Becky Potter said. “It’s more of a confidence booster for them.”

As a business owner, success is crucial to the industry. But when asked how the Potter family defines success, Terry Potter responded with a surprising answer.

“I think it is living in peace and having some form of a righteous soul,” Potter said. “That’s success to me.”

The Potters define success based on an individual’s character, not monetary value. Their humility as business owners is demonstrated in their customer service.

When customers walk into Potter & Co., they can feel the big energy the Potters contain. Customers can run smooth fabrics between their fingers and see the beauty of European fashion draped on hangers and mannequins.

To experience the unique style of European men’s fashion, visit Potter & Co. at 51 Main St., or check out its online shop.