How to earn credits with a language exam

Photo credit: Nathan Campbell

BYU-Idaho partnered with BYU to offer language exams called FLAT tests. Any student who passes these tests with a C or higher can earn up to 12 credit hours. BYU-I has many students that already speak a foreign language fluently whether they learned it on a mission or grew up speaking it in their home country.

To take 12 credits during one college semester at BYU-I is currently $2,208. The 12 credits earned for a FLAT test is only $50.

The language exams are available in 61 different languages. The full list can be seen here.

”I had taken some college classes in high school,” said Marcus Gorman, a senior studying business marketing. “Because of the extra credits from my Portuguese test, I started college basically as a sophomore, which was a huge blessing right after my mission.”

Gorman clarified how easy the test questions were after serving his mission in Brazil. One example he gave was: What sport is played on a green field and one must kick a black and white ball into a goal?

“It was by far the easiest 12 credits I have ever gotten,” Gorman said. “It took me maybe an hour and a half.”

For BYU-I Pathway Worldwide students, the cost is even less. Any student who took the ‘L’ (Language Learning) version of PathwayConnect can take three language exams: one to test listening, one to test reading and one to test speaking for a total of $5. These students still earn 12 credits.

“I feel like this test is a reward for being a good student,” said Bianca Scarpiny, a freshman who completed PathwayConnect from Uruguay. “Even though I do not plan on studying English, it is awesome that I have this chance to earn more electives.”

To learn more and to register for a FLAT test, go here.