Join the Grungy Goat tribe

They have many different options! Photo credit: Abby Jorgensen

Bleach is more than just a household cleaning item, according to the Grungy Goat team. It is a way to turn a plain T-shirt into a new work of art. They splatter bleach all over basic T-shirts to create a unique and one-of-a-kind look.

Grungy Goat sells flannels and shirts that are pre-bleached. You can also drop the clothing items you already own, and they can bleach it for you. According to the Grungy Goat website, you can even choose the desired bleaching style, like “spiraling,” “dipped,” “striped” and more.

The shirts are only the beginning. At the start of the semester, all 18 members sat down and discussed ideas on what the product could be and why their product would be important to create. They really wanted an animal to be in their brand name and content.

“We just ended up with goats because they are cute, lovable creatures and a group of goats is called a tribe,” said Marco Reyes, a senior studying business management. “We wanted everyone, customers and people who know us, to know that they are all a part of our tribe.”

T-shirts on display
T-shirts on display Photo credit: Abby Jorgensen

Through the power of social media, Grungy Goat is able to accomplish its goal of creating a tribe. With hundreds of followers on Instagram, the team knows that their accounts are a way for people to feel uplifted and inspired. They are mindful about their captions and images, making sure all invite kindness and have good energy.

Whether it is managing their social media accounts, doing content photoshoots, working on the finances or selling shirts in various places on campus, this Integrated Business Core group has learned what it takes to make a successful company.

“There is a lot that goes into a business,” said Tyler Strong, a senior studying business finance. “It’s not just something you can just get up and start going. There is a lot of things to consider and figure out. It’s been a great ‘all hands on deck’ experience here.”

The best way to follow along their journey is through their Instagram. They will no longer sell once the semester is over.

They offer short sleeves perfect for summer weather.
They offer short sleeves perfect for summer weather. Photo credit: Abby Jorgensen