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Learn the colors of people’s personalities

College is a unique time in our lives when we are thrown into apartments with roommates whom we hardly know and with whom we may not get along in the slightest.
We’re all here at the same school, and we’re here to make friends. So how can we break the surface of our roommates’ hardened shells and form solid friendships? Let me introduce you to the wonderful philosophic views of Dr. Taylor Hartman’s personality test, “The Color Code.”
“The Color Code” categorizes people into four different colors that describe their motives, strengths and weaknesses. The colors are red, blue, yellow and white.
If you are a red, your motivation is power. You are the instigator of brilliant ideas and the first to debate an argument. Let’s just say if you lived in District 12, you’d rush to the front of the crowd, declaring “I volunteer as tribute!” Reds are the logical folk of our society. They mean business, and they won’t let anything stand in their way.
However, watch out for a red that goes on a power trip. They don’t think they’re right all the time — they know they’re right all the time. If any other color tries to argue with a red, he or she will most likely come out worse for wear.
The motivation of a blue lies within the deep realms of emotion and intimacy. The blues are the ones who have a close relationship with every one of their 893 friends on Facebook. It would be wise for everyone to befriend a blue, because these are the sensitive, kind, selfless people of the world, and they truly care about the people in their lives.
The blue’s weakness is generally self-inflicted, as they are easily depressed and have a hard time letting go of anger. Their sensitivity hits them right to the core, and it doesn’t take much for their feelings to be hurt.
If you want to get along with a yellow, you’ve got to be for a rip-roaring good time. A yellow’s motivation is to have fun. Whether it’s bungee jumping or a rousing game of tic-tac-toe, where there’s fun there’s a yellow.
Yellows are very relaxed, and they don’t let anything bother them — until it comes to homework. Asking yellows to do homework is like telling them you are going to sic dementors on them to suck out their souls. If you are a yellow, you tend to be on the lazier side, so try to put fun aside for a minute and squeeze some responsibility in there.
Whites are the pageant queens who actually mean it when they say they want world peace. They dislike contention and disagreement and are usually our argument settlers. Whites are very easy to get along with, and they get along with all the other colors just fine. Whites are the quiet, gentle observers of life. However, just because they are kind doesn’t mean they don’t have selfish attributes.
If you are a white, you are silently stubborn. You may not disagree with someone outright, but you will quietly manipulate those around you until you get what you want. Watch out for whites’ strategies, because they will get their way faster than you can say “10 points to Gryffindor.”
Knowing each color’s personality can bring understanding among roommates; however, it’s important to remember people don’t fit under just one color.
We all have strengths and weaknesses from the different colors of the test.
So next time one of your roommates cries over spilt milk, give them the test.


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