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Let Us Have More Hope


Hope is perhaps one of the most positive words in the dictionary. Hope is defined as: the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best. I love that! Hope helps me to maintain a positive outlook during trials and tribulations.


Captain Moroni had hope. He was known for being a man of God. He was a man who sought to defend his people and their rights without being a bloodthirsty man. It is written that if every man were like unto Moroni, then the very foundations of Hell would be shaken and the devil would have no power to captivate the hearts of men.


Perhaps Captain Moroni’s most famous contribution is the Title of Liberty. Within that title are six things that he hoped to preserve, they were: God, religion, freedom, peace, wives, and children. Please note that God, religion, freedom, and peace are all separate. From my perspective, this shows that Captain Moroni was not only interested in defending his God, religion, freedom, and peace – but those of others who might not believe as he did.

In fact, I believe that Captain Moroni was more interested in defending these things for all men because he had a “perfect understanding” that we’re all children of God.

This idea is exemplified by Captain Moroni’s compassion toward Zerahemnah and the warring Lamanites. When Moroni had won the battle and had the enemy army surrounded, he offered them the opportunity to simply make a covenant and go free. No prisoners, nothing… they were allowed to go free. Incredible!

Captain Moroni is a stalwart example of hope during difficult times.


I don’t think anyone will disagree when I say that we (as a society, and as people) are experiencing some uncertain times to put it lightly. Everyday there are news reports job losses, crooked leaders, and depression. During these times, our hope should be anchored in Christ. He has promised us that he will strengthen us, help us, and cause us to stand. Why should we look to any other source for aid and information when we need it?


Glenn Beck, Bill O’reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and others like them are poor examples to follow. Yet, I often hear them parroted by students in response to the difficult situations we face. These men are the antithesis of hope. Everyday they spend hours peddling persuasive messages of doom peppered with words like, “socialism,” “corrtion,” and “fear”. We should remember that their livelihood is based on how many people they can engage, not how much good or service they can spread.


Regardless of your personal, political, or religious beliefs, I hope that you will find opportunities to have hope instead of fear, to find mutual purpose instead of divergence, and to experience compassion without comparison.


Let us have hope. Let us be more like unto Moroni and less like the political Palpatines of our day.



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