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Living healthily and happily

Living in Bellingham, Washington, Holley Clark is surrounded by either the natural outdoor light or the deep red hue in a photography darkroom.

Clark is a sophomore studying art, and she loves the beauty of the earth and everything that comes from it.

From working outside, hiking, boating, camping and adventuring, she finds peace in moving around.

Clark loves to exercise, especially through yoga, and she said it’s one of the best ways for her to relieve stress. It’s a way for her to stay in tune with her body. Her healthy lifestyle also includes eating well.


“I’m a firm believer that the natural things of the earth help us to be happy because they’re natural,” Clark said.

Clark’s family values healthy living and sources a lot of their food themselves. Her mom loves to garden and grow pumpkins, corn, tomatoes, kale, lettuce and more for her family to enjoy.

“My dad and mom are very outdoorsy and I love it, but I especially love my dad’s love for photography,” Clark said.

Aside from yoga, Clark grew up with another source of peace, this one is related to her dad’s photography.

“I worked with film cameras when I was younger,” Clark said. “I would go down to the darkroom and I loved sitting in there. I loved the smell and would watch the pictures develop. It felt like the safest place for me, and it was calming.”

Over time, Clark found herself diving into digital photography and soon after started taking photos for others.

Clark found happiness and herself in things that encompass the Earth. From enjoying the outdoors to sitting in a darkened room, Clark discovered what brings her peace.



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