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Local businesses persevere despite cold

Metal stop signs replace electrical stop lights during power outage in Rexburg
Metal stop signs replace electrical stop lights during power outage in Rexburg

14,733 people woke without electricity early Monday morning.

The power outage was caused by a downed power line between Rexburg and St. Anthony, according to a Rocky Mountain Power representative.

Cities affected by the power outage included Ashton, Rexburg, Saint Anthony, Sugar City, and Teton.

Nyla Hill, a St. Anthony resident and mother of five children, came to the to the BYU-Idaho Center to work out early Monday morning. Hill said her local school district canceled classes because of the power outage.

Several other school districts, including Madison County, canceled classes due to the power outage and cold weather.

The power outage not only affected residential areas and schools, but also businesses.

Broulim’s Store Director, Ian Martison, said Broulims opened 30 minutes late.

Martison said the store owns a natural gas generator which splies electricity to the cash registers and auxiliary lights in the store during power outages.

However, other electricity-dependent appliances — such as the front doors and freezers — were left without power.

“We had a permanent door greeter standing by the front door until the power came back,” Martison said. “His job was to open and close the door to customers. It helped conserve the heat in the building.”

Martison said the freezers were able to maintain temperatures for a while, but Broulims keeps a refrigerated semitruck behind the store in case of emergencies.

Martison said the outage did not deter customers from shopping. In fact, he said he saw several BYU-I students come to the store to buy large candles.

Dr. David Daniels, a physician and the owner of Community Care — a medical clinic on Main Street in Rexburg — said that he lives by the Rexburg Temple and had electricity at his home. He said he was confused when a nurse from Community Care called him to ask if work would be canceled for the day.

When he arrived at work all of the phones were down.

Daniels is uncertain how many people were unable to contact Community Care.

The clinic was opened an hour later than usual at 9 a.m. In the meantime, Daniels said the clinic had to turn away five individuals.


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