Local health clinic embraces the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Parking lot view of Pearl Health Clinic Photo credit: Will Vasseur

On Jan. 17, a blood drive and health fair will be held at 2705 East 17th Street, Ammon, Idaho, to embrace the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Pearl Health Clinic, a local Idaho health clinic, is preparing to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day the way the holiday was meant to be celebrated:through service.

Event visitors will be able to get free physical and mental health checkups from 8-11 a.m., followed by a community blood drive from noon to 5 p.m.

“We wanted to get involved in the holiday,” said Megan Slusher, marketing director for Pearl Health Clinic. “We thought the best way to do that was to offer our services as a health clinic and to give of our blood to help with the national blood shortage.”

Recently, the American Red Cross Association issued a press release where they expressed a desire for those who can donate blood to take the time to do so.

According to the press release, “Blood donations are needed now to avert the need to postpone potential lifesaving treatments.”

Pearl Health Clinic issued their own press release, declaring how service should be an important part of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

“The Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service is a defining moment each year when Americans across the country step up to make communities more equitable, underpin racial equity, expand civic opportunities, and foster respect for individual differences,” Pearl Health wrote. “Citizens will take action to create the Beloved Community of Dr. King’s dream.”

Currently, all signup spots are full on the event webpage. However, that does not mean that the opportunity to donate blood has gone away. “Volunteers have told us that if people just show up they will still try and get them in,” wrote Rebekah Tiberend-Hanks, an employee of Pearl Health Clinic.

More information about the event can be found on the event Facebook page.

Information about other local blood drives can be found on the American Red Cross website.