Madison County votes and approves $25.5 million bond

Photo credit: Jacquelyn Birkeland

Rexburg is a growing community and because of this, Madison County School District proposed a $25.5 million bond. This money will be used to update different schools in the county.

According to a press release from the school district on Feb. 10, the projected amount will be used for the following projects:

— A larger Hibbard Elementary building just west of the current one.

— The current Hibbard building will be turned into a Madison Early Childhood Center. Once this is complete, the early childhood programs from Burton and Kennedy will be moved here.

— Madison Jr. High will have nine additional classrooms added, increasing capacity to 400. To increase lunch seating, an atrium is proposed to be built off the lunchroom.

According to the press release, “Madison is no stranger to keeping up with the growing population of Rexburg, which has seen a 65.2% population increase in the last 12 years.”

These updates meet the current and projected needs for Madison County schools.

“This bond here was approved by the Board of Trustees in December of 2021,” said Jessica Goudy, the communications coordinator for Madison Cares. “They are seeing some huge growth (in the Hibbard area) and … with the number of houses that have been approved out there and the school out there, already at max capacity, it became clear that we were going to have to come up with a solution sooner rather than later.”

Goudy expressed how grateful the superintendent, the board and the administration is to live in an “education-minded community” that is willing to invest in the future of their youth.