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Married student housing: What do the residents say?

It’s the same old story. Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. They fall in love and get married. Everyone lives happily ever after. But first, it’s time to find a home together.


For married students at BYU-Idaho, moving out of student-approved housing and into married housing brings an assortment of challenges. Some of those challenges might include finding something within their budget, navigating different housing companies and the management styles they bring, and purchasing a lease that works well with the students’ graduation plans.

Benjamin Sedgewick, a senior studying communication who has been married for two years, feels that one of the biggest challenges of transitioning to married housing is finding available units.

Ben Sedgwick and his wife Rachel
Ben Sedgwick and his wife Rachel
Image Credit: Ben Sedgwick

“I never had an issue getting a contract last minute when I was in student housing, but with married housing, you have to get on waitlists and apply to complexes sometimes months, maybe even years in advance,” Sedgewick said.

As more students continue to move into Rexburg, additional housing complexes are being built.

According to the BYU-I website, there are a total of 4,970 married students in Rexburg as of Spring 2021. As of 2017, there are a total of 10,000 available units under construction in Rexburg according to the Rexburg Standard Journal.

“We’ve got really conscientious developers in our area who do a good job of anticipating the market and building for the need,” said Brett Sampson, BYU-I public affairs director. “We work closely with them. Currently, things are looking good as far as availability of housing. There should be enough housing.”

Lauren Maddox, a senior studying marketing, has been married for two and a half years. She and her husband, have been living at Providence Square Apartments for the last few years and have thoroughly enjoyed their stay. She says that in her experience the management has been more than accommodating.

Lauren Maddox
Lauren Maddox and her husband Cal
Image credit: Lauren Maddox

“At Providence Square, we got put in a handicap apartment and we were missing some amenities and because of that, the complex worked with us and we were compensated for it,” Maddox said.

While both Maddox and Sedgewick have had good experiences with the Rexburg housing market, they recognize that many have not.

“Something I have heard that happened to many families here before I moved to Rexburg Plaza Apartments, is that the move-out process is awful,” Sedgewick said. “It seems that complexes are just trying to squeeze out as much money before you go. If you so much as breathe, you will get charged.”

Based on his experience with the housing market, Sedgwick gives advice on how to avoid unnecessary headaches.

“Read the fine print on everything,” Sedgewick advised. “Don’t sign the first contract you find. If you’re a little patient oftentimes something that’s a better fit for you will become available.”

Like Sedgwick, Maddox has her own suggestions for how to avoid falling into a bad tenant situation.

“Make sure to check all the Facebook groups for apartment listings and do a thorough check before you move in,” Maddox said. “Don’t expect all your neighbors to be students or Mormon.”

For more information on student married housing, visit the BYU-I Student Housing Website.


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