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Marsha Bjornn gives eye-opening performance

On Oct. 6, Marsha Bjornn, an adjunct faculty member teaching piano and organ, gave a piano recital focused on lesser-known female composers.

The recital featured pieces from Clara Schumann, Amy Beach, Fanny Mendelssohn and other female composers.

“My goal was to get people acquainted with women composers,” Bjornn said.

Marsha Bjornn performed piano pieces from various female composers on Oct. 6
Marsha Bjornn performed piano pieces from various female composers on Oct. 6 Photo credit: Jaron Morse

The composers were those largely unknown or unrecognized in their time. The pieces performed were composed during the 1800s and 1900s.

“There’s hardly anything written by women before (the 1800s),” Bjornn said. “They’re in private collections. They’re in museums. We can’t find it.”

Bjornn also ensured that the composers exhibited were diverse in nationality. Compositions included pieces from the United States, Norway, Germany and Venezuela.

“I had to have something from Norway or Sweden,” Bjornn said. “My heritage is Scandinavian, and my husband served his mission in Norway, so I knew he would love it if I was doing music from Scandinavia.”

Bjornn also included a composition from African American composer Florence Price. Price was awarded throughout her life for her skill with piano, organ and violin.

“It was amazing, especially Florence Price,” said Samantha Arias, a sophomore studying music. “You could just hear all of her trials through the piece.”

This recital, as with all other recent recitals, required masks to be worn at the event, but was also live-streamed.

“I could only have two people at my dress rehearsals,” Bjornn said. “My sister FaceTimed me and posted it on Facebook, and I didn’t realize how many people would see those.”

Bjornn will be performing again in the next year, this time performing organ pieces created by composers who mainly focused on writing for piano.


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