MC Late Night offers fun weekly events for students

Students roller skating Photo credit: Alyssa Lamprecht

Are you bored Friday or Saturday night with nothing to do? Have you run out of ideas to do with your Home Evening group? Do you have a hot date and want to impress them but have no set destination? Well, MC Late Night, hosted at the Hyrum Manwaring Student Center, is the thing for you.

From laser tag to roller skating to talent shows, there are plenty of events for students to attend.

MC Late night is held every Friday and Saturday from 8-11:30 p.m.

“MC Late Night is extremely fun with the right group of friends,” said Jennifer Elseberry, a junior studying nursing. “My friends and I like to go to laser tag, which requires a lot of running, but overall it is extremely fun to participate in.”

In order to register for MC Late Night, you need to go to Campus Life Events, find the activity and day you want to register for, and pay an admission fee.

On Mondays for Home Evening, laser tag is $5, and the MC events are $5.

On Friday and Saturday, admission is $4 for students, and $7 for non-students.

Julia Koncurat, a freshman studying elementary education, loves to attend roller-skating with her friends.

“Roller-skating is a fun experience,Koncurat said. “I’m terrible at it and fall many times, but overall, it is super fun.”

Recently, talent shows have been added to MC Late night at no extra cost.

Audrey Bateman, a freshman studying interdisciplinary studies, loves to attend laser tag.

“It’s so fun and energizing,” Bateman said. “You get in this mode that makes you want to finish as top dog. Laser tag has a cool layout and changes every time you go. There’s one mode where it is everyone against one person, and that mode is so fun to participate in.”

If you’re looking for fun activities for the weekend or want to impress your crush in your Home Evening group in a game of laser tag, then MC Late Night is perfect for you.