Monsters terrorize the Rexburg Straw Maze

Customers are welcomed by the Straw Maze and Haunted Forest sign. Photo credit: Sabrina Benites

The infamous Rexburg Straw Maze and Haunted Forest is open throughout the month of October. Rexburg locals attend this annual attraction to experience the thrilling element of fear.

Straw Maze

At the Rexburg Straw Maze, there are many twists and turns likely to make anyone lost.

According to the Straw Maze website, customers will “get lost, get spooked, and have fun.” The site also promises that “From the Haunted Maze to Haunted Forest you’ll never feel safe.”

The Straw Maze will have regular hours on the weekends, but once darkness strikes, it turns haunted as people dressed as monsters and ghouls lurk in the shadows, ready to scare.

One of these monsters is played by Bingo, an employee for the Straw Maze. His favorite part of the job is scaring attendees.

“Man, it’s extremely fun to scare people,” Bingo said. “When I get to hide in the forest or maze, it is exciting to hide in the shadows, waiting for people to come that I get to scare.”

Monsters also walk around outside of the maze, scaring people.

“I prefer staying outside the mazes, as it’s easy to get lost in there,” Bingo said. “But also, I get to talk to customers, which is another favorite element of mine.”

For information on hours and pricing, check out the Straw Maze website.

Haunted Forest

The Haunted Forest, the sister attraction to the maze, is also open for business this Halloween season. It contains eerie pathways with creatures creeping in the dark.

At the start and the end of the forest, there are miniature corn mazes waiting to be explored. Once the exit is located, a bus will come to pick up “survivors” and drop them back at the main location.

Information on hours and tickets can also be found on the Straw Maze website.

Ainsley Furgason

Ainsley Furgason is the magician and stunt devil for the Haunted Maze. When exiting the bus from the forest, groups are greeted by Furgason performing various magical tricks.

Furgason stands in front of hay bale
Performer Ainsley Furgason stands in front of a hay bale. Photo credit: Sabrina Benites

“I absolutely enjoy getting to perform stunt and magician tricks for the people,” Furgason said. “It’s a bit of a change from the Haunted Forest or scary maze, but watching people freak out as I hammer a nail into my nose is thrilling.”

Aside from his tricks at the maze, Furgason also performs outside with more dangerous stunts such as sword swallowing and fire tricks. His Facebook page for more information can be found here.

Other activities

Aside from the maze and forest, there are other activities people can participate in.

Two escape rooms are offered. Each costs $10 per group with a time frame of 10 minutes to escape.

Ax throwing is also offered. It cost $10 for a 20-minute session.

Giant slides, cornhole, bean bag toss and many opportunities to take photos are available as well.

Multiple food trucks and stands are stocked with items ranging from hot chocolate, hot dogs and candy corn popcorn.