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Music gives us a glimmer of hope

Written by Erin Burke, A&E/Lifestyle Editor

What really matters is their purpose for performing at the benefit concert– that purpose being offering people of Manchester and people all over the world some fabrication of hope. That is what music does. It gives people hope.

I firmly believe: Music soothes souls. Music brings peace and joy. Music holds the power to heal.

According to an article in The New York Times, 22 people were killed and over 100 people were injured during a terrorist bombing at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester, England.

On June 4, a benefit concert was held in Manchester, just days following the tragic events that unfolded on May 22.

Celebrity artists swiftly prepared for this concert. Many of them dropped other events in their schedule just to come perform at this benefit event.

Thousands of people came to the concert. Thousands of people resonated with these artists. Thousands of people were touched.

It is no secret that some of these artists are infamous because some people are not big fans or supporters of their music.

But that was not the point of this concert. Honestly, who cares who performed at the concert?

What really matters is their purpose for performing at the benefit concert that purpose being offering people of Manchester and people all over the world some reassurance of hope.

That is what music does. It gives people hope. Music has always given people hope in times of hardship or despair.

Hundreds of years ago, pioneers used uplifting music to keep their spirits happy and united during their trek.

I can think of a number of times when I have felt like I was not strong enough to endure. During those times, the people who helped me overcome it all were Ed Sheeran, Chris Martin, Florence + the Machine, Lukas Graham and Jon Bellion.

These artists have given me a colossal amount of strength during breakups. They have comforted me during times of loss and heartache.

With the help of their healing words, I’ve gotten through some of my most anxiety ridden states.

I feel comforted to know someone else understands the pain I feel at that time.

We all know of at least one song that was written just for us. That song has gotten us through some of the darkest nights and most challenging battles.

At times, I become slothful and choose not to do all I can do, whether it be homework, projects, work or other responsibilities.

An uplifting, encouraging song is just what I need to clean up my act.

We all know of at least one song which motivates us to become better.

When working out, it feels rejuvenating to hear a ‘pump-up,’ fast-paced song. This song helps me finish that final mile strong.

It does not matter if people have different opinions about what music is ‘good’ and what music is ‘bad.’

As long as a song connects to the innermost part of my soul, the opinions of others do not phase me.

Ultimately, most of us can think of times when music has brought us hope.

If you cannot think of a time, surely the time will come when music fills your soul with light. Do not lose hope.


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