No you can’t change your track, but here’s what you can do

Campus environment the first week of Winter Semester. Photo credit: BYU-Idaho

“See you next semester,” is a normal phrase that frequents most universities. But at BYU-Idaho, seeing someone next semester is not a guarantee.

After all, should you be assigned the fall/winter track, but your favorite roommate has the fall/spring track, you wouldn’t be seeing them the next semester.

Likewise, should you be assigned the fall/spring track, but your significant other has the winter/spring track, you wouldn’t be seeing them next semester, you’d be seeing them next year.

So, why does BYU-Idaho have these tracks, and can they be changed?

Why the tracks?

BYU-I offers three tracks: fall, winter, and spring.

This unique three-track system allows the university to enroll more on-campus students. The algorithm of the track assignment also ensures that there will be a variety of students representing several nations and backgrounds.

According to BYU-I’s admissions page, “As part of the admission process, BYU-Idaho students are assigned to a specific track that remains permanent through graduation. Track assignments are carefully considered, with the goal of enrolling a balanced and varied student body across all three semesters. The University is committed to providing numerous opportunities to students who come from a variety of backgrounds and share values based on the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Why you can’t change your track

There is an algorithm set in place that assigns each student a track. If everyone were to change their track, there would be an underlying risk that there wouldn’t be as much diversity on campus and attendance would vary greatly each semester.

So if one cannot change their track assignment, what are they to do if the track doesn’t fit with jobs, roommate planning or a significant other?

Before you start to think the University is throwing fiery wrenches in all your plans, remember that accommodations can always be made.

What you can do instead

Should you have a dilemma with your given track assignment, talk with the Admissions Office.

“If students are concerned with the track assignment given to them, we offer enrollment options to suit whatever their specific need is,” said Mallory Nordfelt, a junior studying history education and an admissions counselor. “Ultimately, it is a wonderful system we have providing schooling all year round.”

For more information on the BYU-I track system, click here. For more information about the Admissions Office and how they can be contacted, click here.