Not just another donut shop

Paradise Donuts is hard to miss with their large pink and blue sign hung above their shop. Photo credit: Brittanie Smith

Many shops fill the streets of Rexburg. While some are very well-known, others are only known by the locals of this small town. One business, in particular, provides customers with sweets that you can’t find just anywhere.

Paradise Donuts isn’t your typical donut shop. Located at 16 South Center Street, this family-owned business offers gelato, donuts and hot chocolate.

According to the Paradise Donuts website, Paul and Chandra Scholes founded Paradise Donuts in 2010. With seven current employees, this small business provides the residents of Rexburg with a variety of delicious treats.

Unlike other donut shops, Paradise Donuts adds a twist to their “traditional” donuts. Made from scratch every day until sold out at night, they sell fresh, hot donuts.

“We want our customers to know that we’re never selling them donuts that weren’t made the same day,” said Konnor Fuller, a current employee of Paradise Donuts.

What might seem like a slow-moving shop actually brings in a lot of business every morning.

“Every morning our store is filled with customers,” Fuller said.

From opening until about 1 or 2 in the afternoon, their small shop sees customer after customer flooding through their doors.

Paradise Donuts provides two major categories of donuts: cake and raised. The cake donuts use baking soda to rise while raised donuts use yeast. Within these two types comes a wide selection of different flavors.

“My personal favorite is our old-fashioned buttermilk,” Fuller said.

From jelly-filled to chocolate-coated, their variety of flavors satisfy any sweet tooth.

“I found this place a while back, and you can’t eat just any donut once you’ve eaten these ones,” said Ashley Sloan, a junior studying psychology.

As someone who loves donuts, Ashley can vouch for the quality that this local shop provides.

“My personal favorite is their chocolate old-fashioned,” Sloan said.

The prices for these donuts range from $0.89 to $2.89, perfect for those seeking a sweet snack that won’t cost them too much.

Not only can you enjoy a fresh donut, but Paradise Donuts also provides homemade gelato. Similar to ice cream, their gelato is made by adding more milk and less cream giving it a fluffy texture.