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OPINION: It’s OK to have favorites

Throughout my life, whenever I shared who my choice apostle or prophet was, there would often be a commentator reminding me that I “shouldn’t pick favorites.” Their reasoning was usually that they are all called of God and thus I should think of them all the same.

However, I think that not only it is okay to pick favorites, but that we should.

In life, we go through many different kinds of trials, have various experiences and learn distinct lessons. So naturally, different scriptures or talks will stick out us more than others. As such, we should cherish the words that specifically answer our prayers, give us added strength or direct us in God’s plan for us.

These special words, and the people who speak them, can be considered our “favorites.”

In October 2018, it was just about time for me to return home from my full-time mission and I was very anxious, excited and scared all at the same time. Elder Gerrit W. Gong, a newly called apostle, gave a talk in general conference titled “Our Campfire of Faith.”

His talk spoke volumes to me and gave me the peace that coming home from my mission was going to be OK. From that day forward, Elder Gong became my favorite apostle. He also felt relatable because he talked about painting, which is one of my favorite pastimes.

During the time President Russell M. Nelson has been the prophet, I have come to learn just how important it is to closely follow the living prophet. I have seen blessings come into my life directly from heeding his counsel. Because of this, President Nelson has become my favorite prophet.

This does not make the other prophets or apostles less valuable in my mind. It just helps me realize that God can inspire our leaders to say exactly what we each need to hear, in different ways and through different people.

My “favorites” have changed throughout my life and will continue to change. In time, God will send me answers to my prayers for each specific trial I go through. I will cherish those messages and their messengers.

Who is your favorite?


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