Personal therapy with Mickyle Burrell

Mickyle Burell is a student and singer songwriter at BYU-Idaho. Photo taken by

Mickyle Burrell, a sophmore studying graphic design, uses his songwriting as “personal therapy.” He confronts his depression and trials through his music.

β€œIt’s really hard for me to write a song just to write, I have to feel something,” Burrell said.

His music reaches people on a deeper level. His words and experiences are relatable to many people.

He’s received positive feedback after uploading videos on Facebook. People have told Burrell that his music helped improve their day and that they were touched by his lyrics.

“Turn Back” was Burrell’s first song uploaded on his YouTube channel. He talks about his rough relationship with his father and the process of forgiving him.

“I presented it in a way that it doesn’t make him look bad, but it can hopefully open his eyes,” Burrell said.

He hopes other fathers and children who have struggled know they can mend their relationships now and don’t have to wait and hold onto those negative feelings.

“The biggest battle you will ever fight is a battle you fight against yourself,” Burrell said about his song, “Talking to Myself.”

The message he wanted to portray through this song is to recognize negative thoughts but not let them define you, to learn how to embrace them and then fight them off.

Just recently Burrell uploaded a new song called “Dear Heavenly Father,” to his YouTube channel.

“(The song is about) me going into a private room myself and talking to Heavenly Father,” Burrell said. “It’s like a prayer but in a song.”

His YouTube channel is called MB3D. The MB stands for Mickyle Burrell, and the 3D means he can write music in three dimensions or languages. He can write in English, Spanish and a Jamaican dialect called Patois.