Police log: Disruptive kids and mysterious fluids


The following comes from the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and Rexburg Police Department police logs and is public record.

Disruptive juveniles

“Police responded to a report of two juveniles stealing from a local business and throwing open condoms in the store. The juveniles where released to a responsible adult and a Juvenile petition is being filed for theft.”

Suspicious tailer

“Police took a report of a suspicious vehicle that was following the female complainant. The complainant stated that the vehicle followed her to her apartment complex and when she decided not to park and to keep driving the vehicle followed her back into the city and for several blocks. Police located the vehicle and interviewed the driver and police discovered that it had been a miss understanding.”

Mysterious fluid

“Police received a call about some fluid that had been spilled on the roadway and it got on the caller’s vehicle. The caller stated that there was no damage to his vehicle but he wanted to document the incident in case there was damage that presented itself later as a result of the fluid.”

The government is requesting gift cards?

“Police responded to a walk in complaint of a fraud that had occurred. An individual was contacted by individuals over the phone identifying themselves as working with the federal government. They explained the individual was potentially going to be charged for money laundering and that all financial assets had been frozen. The individual was advised that gift cards could still be purchased and requested the serial numbers off the gift cards for reimbursement. There was financial loss to the individual.”