Police log: Firearm fraud and gunshot wounds

Photo credit: Scroll Archives

The following comes from the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and Rexburg Police Department police logs and is public record.

Package thief

“Police responded to a walk in complaint of a suspicious circumstance where an individual had order a package for delivery. The package arrived earlier than expected and the owner was unable to pick it up right away. The package had gone missing and was believed to be stolen. Police spoke with the reporting individual and collected additional information.”

Be careful around guns

“Police responded to a report of a gunshot victims who was receiving treatment Madison Memorial Hospital. Police arrived and conducted an investigation into the wound. Police determined that the gunshot wound was self inflicted as a result of an accidental discharge. No charges have been filed.”

Missing at home

“Police responded to a call concerning a missing child. Police were able to locate the child safe at home.”

Firearm fraud

“Police were contacted concerning a firearm that was sold through a website and when the card was processed by the seller the owner of the card filed it as fraudulent. The card holder still picked up the gun and has yet to pay for the firearm and will not return phone call to the seller.”