Police log: From chicken murders to apartment invaders


The following comes from the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and Rexburg Police Department police logs and is public record.

Playground damage

“Police responded to a report of playground equipment that was damaged at a trailer community. Police gathered all available information, and are investigating this incident.”

Chicken murders

“Reporting party advises that dead chickens were found in a chicken pen. Investigation revealed that chickens were most likely killed by other animals.”

BB gun McDonalds

“Police were notified of three people firing a weapon in the McDonalds parking lot. Police made contact and found that it was a BB gun. Two of the individuals were warned for disturbing the peace the day prior for the exact incident. Police informed the two that they would be seeking a juvenile petition.”

Apartment invader

“Police was sent to an off campus apartment complex where a female woke up in her apartment and observed a male standing over her. This startled her and the unidentified male ran from the room. see narrative.”