Police log: From shoplifting to Walmart scooters

Image credit: Scroll archives

The following comes from the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and Rexburg Police Department police logs and is public record.


Eating at the store

“Police received a complaint of shoplifting at an area grocery store on the 100 west portion of Main street. Police served a summons to an individual who took an item ate it on premises at the request of the business.”

Rocks through the window

“Police took a report of a property damage. The incident appears to be a targeted incident where a suspect threw two rocks through a particular tenants window and then a rock through the living room window.”

Fake money

“Police responded to an area business where a customer attempted to use fake twenty dollar bills to pay for services. Business noticed that the money was fake, customer used real currency to pay bill. Police spoke to person that had passed bill.”

Walmart scooter incident

“Police returned a phone call to an individual regarding a parking lot crash. This incident was that a person backed into a scooter. The scooter belonged to Walmart. There were no injuries and no reported damage. The individual was told that Idaho Law requires the exchange of contact information and insurance information, which is what occurred according to the complainant.”