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President Trump’s campaign policies and promises

This year’s presidential election has been called the most important election in American history. With election day less than a week away, Americans look at not only who they’re voting for, but what they’re voting for. Here’s a quick summary of where President Donald Trump stands on some of the United State’s issues.


According to donaldjtrump.com, Trump is working with healthcare workers to develop a vaccine by the end of 2020 in order to return America to normal by 2021. He supports removing lockdown procedures and keeping the country open to boost the economy.


Trump plans to cut prescription drug prices, lower healthcare insurance premiums and end surprise billing. He plans to replace the Affordable Care Act with an improved plan, according to his statements during the final presidential debate.

While in office, Trump passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which removed penalties for not having insurance.


Trump has plans to create 10 million new jobs and one million new small businesses in 10 months, as stated on his website. From 2017-2019, he created 6.6 million jobs.

In his first campaign, Trump promised to renegotiate trade deals in the interest of protecting Americans. He withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other deals he felt were not in America’s best interest.

Trump plans to bring jobs back to America from China, giving tax credits to companies that help and allowing expense deductions for essential industries that bring manufacturing back into the United States. Trump has also said that he plans to hold China accountable for letting COVID-19 become a pandemic.


Trump is committed to building a wall along the southern border to decrease illegal immigration. He also supports mandatory deportation for non-citizen gang members, according to his website.

Trump opposes Sanctuary Cities and requires new immigrants to be able to support themselves financially. For White House statements on immigration reform, visit whitehouse.gov.

Criminal Justice

Trump supports police officers and his website lists plans to defend them, including bringing “violent extremist groups like ANTIFA to justice,” and “end cashless bail and keep dangerous criminals locked up until trial.”

He wants to hire more law enforcement officers and increase criminal penalties for assaults on law enforcement officers.

Climate Change

Trump has repeatedly expressed his dislike for strict climate regulations, saying that it will hurt the economy. He believes that people will be better at saving the environment without strict rules and guidelines. He specifically opposes the Paris Accords.


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