Projected open date for Hart Gym pushed back

BYU-Idaho Center courts transformed into a gym for the time being. Photo credit: Jessica Banks

The Hart Main Gym has been closed since July, undergoing construction to improve the facility. Recently, gym attendees anticipated Oct. 27 as the day the gym would return to functionality.

These patrons have anxiously awaited the return of BYU-Idaho’s gym facility as it is a great free resource for working out. However, as gym equipment began to appear in the BYU-Idaho Center courts, it became clear that the opening of the Hart Gym wouldn’t happen on schedule.

Aubrey Prevette, a senior studying recreational management, explained that while the gym is getting close, it isn’t quite finished. There is still about 30% of the planned work to be completed.

Prevette detailed some of the work being completed in the facility, which includes an HVAC system, repainting walls and ceiling and adding some skylights.

The gym hasn’t had air conditioning for some time and has hardly any natural light, so these changes will improve the quality of the facility.

Patrons can also anticipate some new pieces of equipment in the gym. She urged students to be patient as the opening date will be here soon.

“Right now we’re looking at January, so that’s the goal,” Prevette said.

Prevette and other employees for the Hart Gym realized it wasn’t going to be able to open next week when they originally planned. They decided to be innovative and relocate the equipment so students and faculty can still use exercise equipment as they wait for the official reopening.

“We just decided to convert the first two courts of the I-Center into the fitness center,” Prevette said. “We obviously didn’t bring up everything but we brought up a large majority of the things that get used. So, this is just our temporary fitness center space. We wanted to accommodate all of our patrons that have been patiently waiting for us to open back up and with the news of not being able to actually open up on the date that we wanted we just felt like this would be the best option.”

Unlike the requirement of reserving a spot COVID-19 brought to the Hart Gym, patrons can come to the makeshift gym whenever they want during normal open hours and stay as long as they want.

Fitness Center rules including wearing BYU-I approved clothing and masks.

“I mean honestly we’re just really excited for this, in general, we don’t know how long we’ll be in this space,” Prevette said. “But we’re just really excited to have people back, using our fitness center. We’re grateful for patrons that are understanding of the situation we’re in and understand that we truly are doing everything we can for their benefit. Obviously, it’s not perfect, but we’re doing it for them.”