Rate Rexburg’s fries

These fries are from The Hickory. Photo credit: Kela Munnerlyn

Seven Rexburg restaurants are holding a competition to figure out who has the best fries and all proceeds will benefit the restoration of the Rexburg Tabernacle. As part of the event, Fry 4 All, $10 fry passes in the form of punch cards are available for purchase at the Museum of Rexburg, the Romance Theater and Rexburg City Hall.

These passes are good for one order of classic fries at each participating restaurant, which include Red Rabbit Grill, Fresco, Big Jud’s, Gator Jack’s, 9 Iron Grill, Blister’s BBQ and The Hickory. Pass holders have until Nov. 30 to taste and rate all seven dishes.

Fry consumers can try each restaurant’s fries then scan the QR code on their passes to rate the fries and enter giveaways for gift cards from participating restaurants and swag from the Rexburg Cultural Arts Department.

“In the past, this event has been called Oktuberfest, and as we’ve rebranded Oktuberfest into our harvest festival, we wanted to still have that component of having the fries and actually trying our local Idaho spuds that everybody loved at the Oktuberfest,” said Mishae Minson, BYU-Idaho alumna and event coordinator for the Rexburg Cultural Arts Department. “This year, instead of frying our own potatoes, we decided to reach out to local restaurants and ask if they wanted to participate in giving people fries.”

However, the event does more than let community members try cheap, delicious fries. The Fry 4 All proceeds will go to the ongoing preservation of the Rexburg Tabernacle Civic Center. The Tabernacle was built in 1911. Some of the repairs it needs include masonry work to fix structural issues, new lighting inside and out, and new landscaping.

Tyler Johnson holds potatoes before they get fried at the 9 Iron Grill.
Tyler Johnson holds potatoes before they get fried at the 9 Iron Grill. Photo credit: Kela Munnerlyn

“That building is a signature element of our community,” said Jed Platt, Rexburg cultural arts director. “There was a generation that sacrificed to build it. There was another generation who rallied to save it after the Teton Dam Flood in 1976. Now, it’s our generation’s turn. We need to rally to preserve it.”

As a way of continually working to preserve the Rexburg Tabernacle and promote local restaurants, the plan is to make the Fry 4 All event an annual competition. The event may have started as a way to get the community involved while still staying safe and distanced during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is being kept for the way it celebrates Idahoan heritage, local businesses and fried spuds.


More information on Fry 4 All and future events can be found on the Rexburg Arts website.