REC Fest: Most important activity of the day

A BYU-I student tries slacklining. Photo credit: Kela Munnerlyn

Some people balanced on slacklines, some tried to beat out the clock for the most free throws or three-point shots made in a minute, and others stacked crates and climbed up one by one to reach as high as possible. These were only a few of the scenes at the REC Fest, hosted inside the BYU-Idaho Center from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Nov. 13 for all BYU-I students to enjoy.

Activities at the REC Fest included Minute to Win It games, cup stacking, cornhole, crate stacking, slacklining, free-throw shooting, three-pointer shooting, volleyball serving accuracy, burpees, jumping jacks and Wii Sports.

“I’m part of the Campus Recreation organization, which includes sports, outdoor and fitness together,” said Trent Shippen, activities advisor for BYU-I Student Activities. “This event brings us all together to get the feel of breaking records, doing something fun all together. It’s a really good thing.”

Each time an attendee participated in an event, he or she received a ticket to add to a raffle. Cody Jenks, a senior studying public health, chose a random ticket every 15 minutes and announced the winner. The winner could choose from an assortment of prizes, including tents, pickleball paddles, camping bags, basketballs, footballs, fishing poles, jumper cables and more.

“I met some of these people, and they’re genuinely good people that love the outdoors as I do,” Jenks said. “They love getting out and doing something. I have been introduced to so many people, with so many different walks of life, I never would have met other than coming to these events.”

For information on future events and other services Campus Recreation offers, go to the Campus Recreation website or the Student Activities Instagram.