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Respect property so others can enjoy


When I was growing , my family went camping a lot for family vacations. One of my favorite places to go was, and still is, Goblin Valley State Park in Utah.

It’s an amazing area of sandstone sculptures created by wind and water erosion over the years. Sadly, a video was posted on YouTube of Glenn Taylor, a Utah resident, pushing one of these unique “goblins” over on Oct. 11.

According to CNN, Taylor, and the two Utah men accompanying him, pushed the formation over because it appeared unstable and they feared it would eventually tip over and kill someone. Whether or not they had good intentions didn’t give them the right to knock over this geological marvel.

They easily could have found a park ranger and let them know of the danger so that the park could take the necessary actions, if there even was a need.

Are we living in a world where people don’t really care about things that don’t belong to them?

Prior to this semester I was working in Alaska and on one particular dirt road I noticed a car on the side of the road. After a week of it staying there I realized one morning that all the windows were smashed out and the body was covered in dents.

When I asked a friend, who was a local, what she thought happened, she said you really shouldn’t leave a vehicle on the back streets for long in one spot or the teens and twenty-year-olds in the area would destroy it.

Any person would agree that if that was their car, or a park they had stewardship over, they would be furious.

What is happening to respect?

Often, we students try to find fun things to do around town and we end — inadvertently, I hope — trespassing or destroying what doesn’t belong to us.

My biggest fear about the incident in Goblin Valley is that Goblin Valley State Park will begin implementing policies that will restrict public access to the park.

One person’s disrespect of another’s property makes it so the rest of us can’t live in this world without thousands of laws restricting our every movement.

Let’s make sure we’re not allowing ourselves to disrespect others’ property in our school or community so that we can enjoy more freedom.


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