Retired BYU-I professor passes away

Jacque at a Boston Celtics home game. November 2005 Photo credit: Ron Weekes

Jacque Weekes, a retired BYU-Idaho professor, died on April 29 at the age of 65 after a lengthy battle with Anemia of Chronic disease. She is survived by her husband Ron Weekes, a retired BYU-I communication professor.

Jacque Weekes was born in Coos Bay, Oregon in 1955 to Clarence George and Norma Webster. She graduated from BYU in 1988, with a Bachelor’s degree in art. During her time at BYU, she met her husband Ron Weekes. They were married at the Oakland, California Temple on June 23, 1976.

After college, she served as the director of Academic Advising at BYU-I from 1995 to 2005. During her tenure, Jacque Weekes created individualized academic advising departments for each college. Previously, there was one department that represented all colleges on campus. Jacque saw the need for more individualized care for each student of each college. She was then tasked to create our current Academic Advising Program by establishing networks of advisers, counselors and resources.

One of Jacque Weekes best qualities, according to her husband, is her love for others.

“She always treated every student she knew as if they were her own son or daughter,” Ron Weekes said. “She took the time to know them personally.”

Michelle Wilkins, a neighbor of the Weekes’ in Pueblo, Mexico appreciates Jacque Weekes’ physical presence.

“I will always remember her sparkling eyes and beautiful smile,” Wilkins said fondly.

Jacque Weekes was laid to rest at the Sutton Cemetery in Archer, Idaho on May 7.

In lieu of flowers, Jacque Weekes requested before she passed that donations be made to the Change Someone’s Life Fund at Beehive Credit Union. Donations will be used for a scholarship awarded to deserving agriculture science and technology students at BYU-I.

To learn more about Jacque Weekes, you can read her obituary here.