Rexburg’s inaugural art stroll

Colorful cardboard letters advertised the "chalk a block" competition.

As the sun baked the Rexburg sidewalks on Friday, June 4, classical music spilled out of the Romance Theater’s open door.

Live music was only one part of the city’s first downtown art stroll, an event that will repeat on the first Friday of every month.

“We will be hosting visual arts, dancing, music, all the kinds of fine art you can think of,” said Mishae Minson, who graduated this spring and now works as an event coordinator in the Rexburg Cultural Arts Department. “The idea is that on a Friday night, people can walk around downtown Rexburg and get to know a little bit of the shops and a little bit of the local art that we have around here.

For the inaugural Friday, there was an art show and various live musicians at the Romance Theater, bagpipe performances at the Tabernacle, and a “chalk a block” art competition at Madison District Field.

The chalk competition was open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. It cost $5 to enter, and included chalk, sponges, spray bottles and one sidewalk square to decorate with the theme of community. Winning artworks included, a recreation of Main street titled “America’s Family Community,” a rainbow overlooking a flowering tree and children floating from a handful of colorful balloons.

The winner of the teen&squot;s section of the "chalk a block" competition featured a drawing of Main street.
The winner of the teen’s section of the “chalk a block” competition featured a drawing of Main street. Photo credit: Katie Card

“I really liked all the variety, all the different ideas for art,” said Estelle Edwards, a Rexburg resident.

The city plans on repeating the chalk art competition every first Friday along with the art stroll, which went from 6-9 p.m. Community members could listen to music, enjoy free popcorn at the Romance Theater and even try their own hand at chalk art by drawing with leftover chalk on any empty square for free.

“I think it’s super cute,” said Tsia Farr, a Rexburg resident, “It’s a really awesome way for the community to hang out with each other and have fun. It’s really fun to have a little town like this where we can all come together.”

Rexburg Cultural Arts welcomes interested artists of any kind to perform in future art strolls by applying through the Rexburg Arts Instagram or Facebook page. Community members can also follow these pages to stay up to date on future art strolls and other events.

“I’m excited with this because Rexburg is a great little city to live in, and people don’t always recognize that,” Manson said. “I’m excited to introduce new things to Rexburg so people get out of their dorm rooms and see that there’s a lot that Rexburg has to offer, and this is just one of them.”

So whether you’re a longtime resident or a freshman just eager to get out of your apartment, try heading downtown next first Friday for a stroll. You might just find some art, talent and a caring community along the way.