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Seminars: Elements to succeed in chemistry

The chemistry department hosts seminars for students to attend each semester. During Winter Semester 2020, there will be four seminars in total. These seminars will include speakers from BYU-Idaho alumni and representatives from different graduate schools.

Each seminar features different universities’ representatives and focuses on the application of chemistry and opportunities past college.

At the first seminar, on Jan. 23, students heard from Jonathan Meyers, a former BYU-Idaho student who received his graduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

“It’s good for the students to see from a BYU-Idaho perspective that there is hope,” said Kerensa Sorensen-Stowell, a faculty member in the chemistry department and the chemistry seminars coordinator. “That there is a way to move forward with either a job or graduate school.”

The talk scheduled for Feb. 13, with Caroline Saouma, a representative of the University of Utah, was canceled and rescheduled for May due to bad weather. There will be three more talks this semester on the following dates:

  • Feb. 27
  • March 12
  • March 26

“Students need to see what real research looks like outside of BYU-Idaho and get a feel for what kind of options are there with this type of a degree,” Sorensen-Stowelin said.

According to Sorensen-Stowell, some of these seminars have also served as a way for students to obtain internship opportunities. During seminars, universities’ representatives explain the types of research they do as departments and as a whole and what they can offer to grad students in terms of career placement options they have, making students aware of application deadlines.

Anybody can attend these events, but according to Sorensen-Stowell they are aimed towards chemistry and biochemistry students.

“Attend,” Sorensen-Stowell said. “Sometimes you will or will not find a topic interesting, and it’s fine, at least you know that it is not for you.”


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