She’s a mother, spouse, employee and a full-time student

Joanna Bambo. Photo credit: Stephen Bannister

Joanna Bambo, a senior studying business management, comes home after a full day of work, multiple classes and grocery shopping for her family. She remembers that she is still the CEO of a very busy Integrated Business Core group making stickers for their small business. On top of her already full schedule, Bambo still makes time for her two-year-old daughter and her husband.

She and her family live in Idaho Falls, where her husband works. When she needs to go on campus, she takes the only family car and drives to complete her jobs and duties for her education. Bambo and her husband have completely different schedules. They take turns taking care of their daughter and trade shifts when Bambo has a class or when her husband has work.

As she works hard and studies through her last few semesters, she can still come to work and appear as if she never had such a demanding schedule.

“When Joanna comes to work, she manages to come dressed in stylish and professional clothing, which she finds at Ross and other stores in the area that won’t break the bank,” said Mario Bambo, Joanna Bambo’s husband and BYU-Idaho alumnus.

Until recently, Bambo often worked night shifts, which complicated her schedule even more. This caused her to juggle time to eat and sleep while having a full day of classes and work.

Joanna Bambo and her daughter.
Joanna Bambo and her daughter. Photo credit: Mario Bambo

All this time spent on so many things leaves Joanna with little time for her own interests, but her husband mentions that she gets her work done and still impresses him with the extra things she makes time for.

According to, the average full-time student spends approximately 30 hours per week studying and working, not counting the hours spent in class. Bambo manages to overcome this statistic as she spends more time with all her different responsibilities through each semester.

How does a student like Bambo find balance?

“You know, when life hits you and you have no choice but to keep going, you just do it,” Bambo said.

“Yeah, man, it’s hard,” Bambo’s husband said. “We get through it and still enjoy each other. Joanna is not the same person she was when we got married. She has changed and so have I, big time. We keep going and grow and we deal with new things every day. She’s amazing and literally does it all.”