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Sips: The new soda shop on the block

The Lodge, an apartment complex in Rexburg, has opened a small craft soda shop located in the main office. The shop, called Sips, specializes in custom sodas. The shop opened Feb. 8 and replaced the mini-market that used to be there.

The manager of the project, Keegan Taylor, a BYU alumnus, works for a company out of Idaho Falls called Good2Go stores, which is a gas station and convenience store chain. He wanted to bring something more exciting to the gas stations and had the idea of creating a craft soda shop.

Craft soda stores are very popular throughout Utah and Idaho, so the company came up with its own: Sips. Bret Claflin, a junior studying business management operations and current Good2Go intern, was also put on the project.

“Our goal is to build our own brand that we can take into places where craft soda doesn’t exist,” Taylor said.

Once they were put on the project, they had the store up and running in a matter of six weeks.

One of Good2Go’s sister companies, South Fork Properties, owns The Lodge, The Cove, and a few other apartment complexes in town, making it possible to test Sips at The Lodge.

“What a perfect place to test out this craft soda, in this little room in the Lodge where we have a client base that we already know,” Taylor said.

In addition to serving craft sodas, Sips also has a convenience store that includes candy bars, snacks, bottled sodas and drinks, and a small section for quick groceries like milk, butter, eggs and more.

“We wanted to do the convenience store side as an amenity to the students,” Taylor said.

Its target customers are specifically students, but it is open to everyone.

“It’s been really fun opening a smaller shop, it really feels like our project and our baby,” Claflin said. “Seeing the students come in with their friends, enjoy their drinks and post it on social media — it’s so fulfilling and so much fun.”

Sips plans to offer deliveries just to residents soon, but hopes to expand in the future.

“We love the idea of sitting in your apartment with your roommates and just feeling like, ‘Hey, do you guys want to get a yummy soda with a bunch of cool flavors and have it delivered straight to our apartment door?’ Claflin said. “We just love that idea for the students.”

Taylor explained that Sips’ goal isn’t to compete with other stores, but to create a brand that’s more convenient for students.

Sips employee serving a customer.
Sips employee serving a customer. Photo credit: Carrin Nelson
On the go sodas at Sips.
On the go sodas at Sips. Photo credit: Carrin Nelson
Mini convenience fridge with groceries.
Mini convenience fridge with groceries. Photo credit: Carrin Nelson
Flavoring syrups used for the drinks.
Flavoring syrups used for the drinks. Photo credit: Carrin Nelson


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