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Smiling Dailey from Jamaica to Rexburg

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The average temperature in Jamaica is 80 to 90 degrees with little difference between summer and winter. Rexburg’s average temperature is 43 degrees. Brandon Dailey, a freshman studying accounting, left the high temperatures of Jamaica for the ever-changing weather of Idaho.

Dailey grew up in the capital city of Kingston, Jamaica, one hour away from the closest beach. Moving to BYU-Idaho increased the nearest beach distance to 9 hours and 50 minutes away.

Beyond the climate and distance from the beach, Dailey determined the biggest difference between locations is the U.S.’s higher level of development. Jamaica does not have the same standard commodities as the United States.

“It’s way easier to have access to things that we need here,” Dailey said. “And it’s way quicker.”

While Jamaica does not share the same level of accessibility of most food and entertainment, sports are prevalent throughout the country. Dailey discovered many people who share his passion for sports in Jamaica and Idaho.

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 Dailey’s fondest memories of his home involved his high school years. His competitive nature drove him to participate in multiple sports teams including soccer, track and field and basketball.

“My favorite part of sports is getting messy,” Dailey said.

Dailey has access to play almost any sport of his choosing in Rexburg, yet he cannot play with anyone he might want to. He left behind many loved ones in Jamaica.

“I miss my family and friends,” Dailey said. “As it is for most kids.”

Besides missing loved ones, Dailey’s experience at BYU-I exceeded his expectations. He only holds one strain of animosity, which is his lack of a car. However, his experience so far outweighs this one set back.

“I love it here,” Dailey said. “I might not go back.”

Rexburg may not have the climate of a tropical paradise but Dailey appreciates the influence of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the BYU-I’s environment.

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