Spori Gallery curator’s perspective on the Dream Speak exhibit

Fidalis Buehler Photo credit: Natalee Westover

“Art is one of the very vital parts in my life,” Kyoung Dabell, the curator of the Jacob Spori Art Gallery, said.

Picture taken by the gallery front
Picture of Kyoung Dabell, taken by the front of the gallery.

Dabell utilizes her love and passion for art through the gallery. She has the opportunity to choose which artist’s work is exhibited.

Fidalis Buehler is the most recent artist featured in the gallery; his art is displayed in the “Dream Speak” exhibit.

Dabell’s perspective of Buehler’s work brings a new light to the gallery.

“I wanted to bring Buehler’s show here, which I knew could be a bit challenging for some, because we tend to show a lot of traditional, highly representational work at the gallery,” Dabell said. “But I thought his work will provide a diverse experience to our art students and campus community. Buehler’s work is highly conceptual, and it takes some personal interpretation and force on the part of the viewer when seeing his work. I think it’s a necessity and very good practice for all of us.”

Dabell has kept an eye on Buehler and his work for the past few years. She related to one of his pieces called Cake Villians.

“I really like all of his work in our gallery, but to give an example to show how I can connect with Buehler’s work, the piece called Cake Villains comes to me personally because it reminds me of my children when they were young,” Dabell said. “I remember often having to remind my children to not touch the cake and their having to wait until the right time. Despite this, they were always lurking around the cake like ‘villains.’ This insignificant memory is now just nostalgia, but those were happy times and Buehler’s piece stoked a very personal, happy memory of mine.”

Buehler’s artwork will be displayed until July 20.

In the fall, Ian Van Coller’s photography will be displayed in the gallery. The show is called “Naturalists of the Long Now.He is an award-winning photographer and professor at Montana State University.