Student basks in Rexburg summer

Morris and his friends at the Civil Defense Caves. Image courtesy of Aaron Morris.

For most students, the end of spring semester means moving away from Rexburg. Whether that be going home or embarking on a summer sales journey to sell pest control. For Aaron Morris, a senior studying biochemistry, this was not the case.

Morris decided to stay in Rexburg for the summer break because it’s easier to find a job that will allow him to only work for the short break.

“It’s hard to get a job in California if you’re just going to be there for six weeks,” Morris said. “So yeah, I didn’t want to go back to California. I could have gone to Utah, but my roommate decided he was staying up here and so I thought it’d be fun to stay up here and just get jobs up and hang out here, and there seems to be more of a social life in Rexburg.”

Morris got a job at a local call center where he has recently been asking construction businesses about their satisfaction with a specific type of port-a-potty. While it isn’t his favorite job, he is grateful he can make money.

Despite having to spend his days at the call center, Morris has found a lot of different activities to participate in, within Rexburg and the surrounding area.

“My roommate showed me this secret swimming hole during spring semester, but I can’t tell you where it is because it’s secret,” Morris said. “But we’ve gotten there several times with some people. There are some fun rocks to jump off of, there’s kind of these cool rapids you can swim through. The river (is) kind of nasty and greasy but it’s still fun to swim in.”

He has also taken multiple trips to Rigby lake and even Bear Lake, near Idaho’s southern border. Morris commented on the temperature of Rigby lake and how it is always very cold.

“(It) makes no sense because it’s a tiny lake,” Morris said. “It’s super small, but it’s super cold.”

The most recent time he went to Rigby lake, his group befriended a group of small children who used a foam pad as a landing pad under a slide located on the floating docks in the middle of the lake.

“We had a good time doing that, running across this foam pad which, I mean, it actually sounds really lame, (but) I have to say it was actually really fun,” Morris said.

Lakes aren’t the only destinations Morris has explored this summer. Recently, he went to the Civil Defense Caves. He and his friends brought glow sticks and balloons to explore the darkness caves are bound to bring.

“Fun fact, if you break open a glow stick inside of a balloon, and then pop it, (it) does not splatter glow stick goo everywhere, which I don’t know why it doesn’t because it should, but it doesn’t,” Morris said. “We had a lot of fun and made some cool shapes with a cool exposure setting on my iPhone.”

The glow sticks made for a fun art project, splattering and adding to the already graffitied cave.

Morris and his friends using the exposure setting on his iPhone at the Civil Defense Caves. Photo credit: Robert Garn
Morris and his friends using the exposure setting on his iPhone at the Civil Defense Caves. Photo credit: Robert Garn

In addition to the fun Morris has had in Rexburg this summer, he is preparing for his final couple of semesters at BYU-I. He plans on attending graduate school next fall, and that means studying for the GRE, which is the entrance exam required for some graduate schools.

“I’m planning on applying to master’s programs in biostatistics starting at the end of this year,” Morris said. “And there’s like two or three of them of like 10 that require the GRE.”

Even though most of the programs he is interested in don’t require the GRE, he has started studying and already signed up for the test, so he is going to take it at the end of August.

Morris has a wide variety of schools he is applying to, most of which are on the East Coast. He is excited for this next chapter in his life.

Thus far into the summer, Morris has experienced a lot of what the greater Rexburg area can offer. He hopes to still go to a water park in the Boise area or even down in Utah to finish off his break from school.