Students anticipate General Conference weekend

Image courtesy of church newsroom

Scroll asked students what they are most looking forward to about General Conference. The following is a compilation of their thoughts.

Questions answered

“One way that I am preparing for General conference is to bring two questions in mind that I want answered,” said Rachel Sedgwick, a senior majoring in marriage and family studies. “One question is always gospel related and the other question is personal. I find that as I come with questions to general conference, I’m listening with real intent and with a purpose. I’m amazed how I receive answers to my questions every year as I listen with the spirit to the messages that are shared to the general conference.”

Specific speakers and cinnamon rolls

“I’m looking forward to Elder Holland’s talk,” said Kuniko Poole, an English professor at BYU-Idaho. “He’s such a compassionate guy. Also, cinnamon rolls with my family.”

Spiritual nourishment

“I’m just really excited to have a weekend of spiritual nourishment,” said Adriane Rossel, a sophomore majoring in international studies. “It feels like I haven’t had one in a while.”

Daily preparation

“I went to the temple to prepare for general conference, and I’ve been doing my daily scripture study quite rigorously,” said Brad Chrysler, a freshman studying healthcare administration. “I haven’t been able to watch with my family for a little while since I’ve been on a mission, so I’m excited for that.”

New temples

“I am looking forward to temple announcements,” said Brooke Bradbeer, a sophomore studying art education.

“More temples,” said Hunter Delaney, a freshman studying agricultural engineering technology.

Spiritual break

“I am looking forward to the general conference because it’s a moment to take a break and reflect on the Spirit and revelations given by the prophet, apostles and leaders during the busyness of the world.” said Cristian Connor, a junior studying international business.

Break from the world

“General conference is always a time where I can take a breath,” said Sabrina Bosted, a freshman majoring in general studies. “It feels like I am taking a break from the rest of the world, and I look forward to that break every time general conference happens.”

Divine revelation

“I am most looking forward to receiving divine answers because I have a strong testimony that when you take questions to general conference, it gives you a unique opportunity to receive those answers in an undeniable manner,” said Haddie Lawrence, a sophomore studying music.