Home Campus Students maximize their potential to achieve in Get GRIT Workshop

Students maximize their potential to achieve in Get GRIT Workshop

Since learning and working to improve her own grit, Madi Galer, an intern at the Counseling Center, has been able to step away from seeing her daily successes as simply daily successes.

She has put into perspective how what she is doing now is going to lead her to one of her long-term goals, getting into law school, in two years. She is sharing her knowledge as she co-instructs the Get GRIT workshop. Grit is just the thing that will help students achieve their goals.

Short-term goals come easier, pass this class, save for the next weekend trip, develop an exercise routine, etc. While short-term goals take discipline, it’s usually not too challenging to check them off. Long-term goals take a little more courage to make and a lot of grit to achieve. The Get GRIT Workshop helps anyone obtain the quality needed to reach their goals. Anyone can access the workshop on the Counseling Center’s workshops page.

Madi Galer and Mariah Arlint, both Counseling Center interns, instruct the workshop that hasn’t run since Fall 2019. The course is five weeks long and runs twice during the semester. Students are able to test their grit level, and by the end of the five weeks they can see their improvement.

The workshop teaches students about common cognitive distortions in thinking. One example is “all or nothing thinking,” which is a black and white way of seeing situations that can block a person from achieving their goals. With this kind of thinking, a person will believe that unless they do something 100% right, they have not accomplished anything at all. The workshop goes over other cognitive thinking patterns and helps students work past them.

“I like these a lot because as we learn about them we catch ourselves throughout our day and can tweak our mindset,” Galer said, in reference to the different cognitive thinking tendencies.

These ways of thinking can affect anyone. In the workshop, students are taught David Burns’ technique to overcome them.

With all the effort put into teaching this workshop, Arlint said her hope is that “people gain the confidence and ability to achieve the goals they have always wanted to achieve.”

Grit is the very thing that it takes to achieve long-term goals. With the tips from the workshop and the free t-shirt as a reminder, anyone can sharpen their grit. Students are able to join the workshop Tuesdays from 6 to 7 p.m. via Zoom.


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