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Students of Rexburg: Meet the Bachelorette

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She starts her day going to classes, like most BYU-Idaho students. After class you can find her hanging out with friends at The Crossroads and admiring cute boys. After, she goes home to relax and watch a movie. The rest of the night is spent doing homework and taking some necessary Just Dance breaks. This is a typical day in the life of Hannah Gearheart, a freshman studying communication.

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Gearhart differs from just any college student, though. She’s also the first Bachelorette of Rexburg. Students have been wondering about this new show being produced and especially curious to know who the lucky bachelorette is.

Gearheart is full of life and has many interests and passions.

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“I really love music,” Gearheart said. “I like listening to it and going to concerts. I listen to everything from Spanish to pop, rap and indie.” She also enjoys being in the outdoors camping, hiking and four wheeling.

While she enjoys many different kinds of activities, one of Gearheart’s favorite things to do is spend time with her friends.

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She said her ideal weekend would be camping and spending quality time with her friends. If location weren’t an issue, she would choose to spend her weekend in Bali.

Gearheart is still figuring out what she wants to do with her career.

“I really want to be a mom, and if I do have a career I would be happy with anything in communications,” Gearheart said.

Gearheart said her dream for the future is to have four kids, two dogs and a Range Rover.

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So how does a typical college student end up as the Bachelorette of Rexburg? It starts with ambitious roommates who decide to create a show with no previous producing experience.

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Gearheart said none of the other roommates wanted to be the bachelorette, so she stepped up. “I feel like it will be a lot of fun,” she said. “There’s not a lot to do in Rexburg in the winter, so why not date 26 men.”

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This experience creates an opportunity for Gearheart and the men to go on casual dates, meet new people, and make some college memories.

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“I’m excited to meet new people and hopefully make lots of new friendships,” Gearheart said. “I’m also excited to go on all the fun dates they have planned and get to wear all the pretty dresses.”

This show is meant to be fun and there is no pressure for anything serious to come out of it.

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“I wouldn’t be mad if I don’t end up with a boyfriend at the end. I think at the least I will make a lot of fun college memories out of this,” Gearheart said.

This weekend will be the start of Gearhearts new adventure as she meets the 26 bachelors and starts filming for The Bachelorette of Rexburg.

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