Students voice their opinions on when it is acceptable to listen to Christmas music

On the walkway to the Taylor building, Christmas wreaths welcome students. Photo credit: Sabrina Benites

As pumpkins decay and costumes are put away, Mariah Carey has officially defrosted to provide the world her famous song, “All I Want for Christmas.” With Carey’s awakening, many BYU-Idaho students have begun to listen to Christmas music as campus started putting up its Christmas decorations. Café Rio employees even jammed out to Michael Bublé and the Glee Christmas albums on Nov. 2.

Many students are finding excitement in listening to Christmas music now. Others are absolutely abhorred by the fact people do so before Thanksgiving.

The definitive question comes down to, “When is it acceptable to start listening to Christmas Music? Before Thanksgiving, or after?”

Braden Baker, a sophomore studying exercise physiology, believes Christmas music should be listened to right after Halloween.

“November does not exist,” Baker said. “Thanksgiving is just a day to feast and not feel bad about it.”

Savannah Graff, a sophomore studying elementary education, agreed with Baker.

“I think you can start listening to Christmas music right after Halloween,” Graff said. “Christmas is wintertime and that starts after October 31st. It brings people together and provides a fun atmosphere.”

Graff’s fiancé, Brady Meyer, a junior studying psychology, disagreed with her.

He and many others believe that Thanksgiving should be celebrated before any consideration of even browsing Christmas music on Spotify.

“You cannot listen to Christmas music until Dec. 1 because you need to go through November first as Thanksgiving is near,” Meyer said. “Christmas starts and ends in December.”

“People need to remember Thanksgiving exists,” said Thomas McKasson, a sophomore studying business finance. “After Thanksgiving is the only acceptable time because I don’t want to get sick of the music before Christmas even comes. You need to wait until the end of November.”

Multiple opinions show a vast contrast of when it is acceptable to listen to Christmas music. Despite the opposing views, many gleefully look forward to the upcoming Christmas season.