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BREAKING NEWS: BYU-I releases COVID-19 vaccination rates

A recent study shows the vaccination rates of BYU-Idaho students and employees are significantly higher than the state averages.

Marsha Bjornn gives eye-opening performance

Marsha Bjornn gave a piano recital focusing on repressed and lesser-known female composers of the 1800s and 1900s.

Dark lights with a hint of glow

Friday night, BYU-Idaho students came to create one unforgettable night of black lights, activities and fun.

Devotional cover: Recognizing miracles through a lens of faith

In his devotional address, Brian Atkinson testified of God's daily miracles and invited students to look through a lens of faith rather than skepticism.

BYU-I students react to BYU housing regulation changes for unmarried students

Potential benefits and risks could arise if BYU-I imitates BYU's recent housing regulation changes.

Calling all accounting majors: “Our biggest event ever”

Handshake will host an event for the Accounting Department students that will want to check out.

Devotional cover: Building resilience to combat life’s difficulties

Patty Hendricks taught students about the power of resilience during trials and suggested five different ways to become more resilient.

Devotional preview: Building resilience to combat life’s difficulties

In her devotional address, Patty Hendricks will teach students different strategies to become more resilient as they face challenges in life.

Devotional preview: ‘God’s Positive Power’

In his upcoming devotional address, Kort Black will speak about the power of positivity and its role in God's plan.

Devotional cover: Simplicity, the act of doing

In his devotional address, Mike Whitworth discussed the importance of acting in faith and focusing on Jesus Christ.

Did the Wii and PlayStation 3 just become retro gaming consoles?

As time passes, more gaming systems become nostalgic relics. These systems are now on the path toward the retro club.

Past and present students reflect on generational changes

An alumna watches her son attend the same school she did over 20 years ago.

Most Read

Choirfest: A fall music festival

It's been a year and a half since the choir's last live performance.

‘Ska-lloween’ is coming

The Opskamatrists return to The Basement for Halloween celebration.

City Council celebrates parks and rec growth and declares a new holiday

From booming sports programs to community service, the council discussed and reported on Rexburg's progress.

Devotional preview: Gaining a knowledge of the truthfulness of the gospel

Daris Howard's focal point of his devotional talk will center around obtaining knowledge and truth of the Church and our Savior.