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Tag: BYU-Idaho activities

WATCH: Filling the Hart: Students showcase their hops

Dunks, 3-pointers, a Kiss Cam, money, prizes and more at this year's Slam Dunk Competition.

BYU-Idaho Planetarium gives a glimpse into the universe

The BYU-I Planetarium displays a new show with information, staff and visuals that are out of this world.

Celebrate Halloween in the Hart

Enjoy three Halloween activities in the Hart building this year for under $10!

Fall competitive football season kicks off

Competitive football just kicked off and the games are starting early October.

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Drowsy driving and dogs at large

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Devotional preview: The act of doing

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How to recognize sexual abuse in marriage

Five warning signs of sexual abuse in marriage and how to get help.

Finding an identity after growing up in a Russian orphanage

Nick Eckman shares how he found purpose and belonging after being adopted from an orphanage in Russia.