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The song he sings of redeeming love

Randall Kempton invites students to tune out the songs of the world and better hear the song of Christ's redeeming love.

Memento mori: Remember, you are mortal

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf addressed students and invited them to remember time is short and to take advantage of their freedom to become.

DEVOTIONAL PREVIEW: Dieter F. Uchtdorf to address BYU-Idaho

“There’s nothing that’s going to keep me from going to the Uchtdorf devotional.”

DEVOTIONAL PREVIEW: Connecting to God’s power

Questions that pressure college students.

DEVOTIONAL: Keep pedaling, keep trying

Craig Forbush encourages students to continue on the covenant path through repentance.

Faith in Christ will guide family

During Tuesday's devotional, Kevin Galbraith, a professor in the Home and Family Department, explained that he and his wife always made it a commitment...

BREAKING: Classes to be released early for Tuesday’s message from President Nelson.

Professors asked to release classes early for President Russel M. Nelson's BYU devotional message on Tuesday, Sept. 17.

Two BYU-Idaho voices invite others to be prayerful

Devotional attendees this week heard from a faculty member and BYU-Idaho student as Mari Ann Birch and Kenneth Ato Brown shared their "prayerful" messages.

Faith is not built on miracles: Roger Jackson

His father taught him to "be a good one." Now Roger Jackson is teaching BYU-Idaho the same thing.

Learning to fully commit: Roger Jackson

Roger Jackson, BYU-I Financial Services Technology Director, will speak at devotional on August 27 at 11:30 am.

Devotional speaker gives small steps to becoming who we need to become

"I started to put real energy into those things I had been doing all along but now with more purpose."

This weeks’ devotional: “Becoming Who Heavenly Father Needs us to Become”

"Becoming who God needs you to become is something that all of us should strive for," said Renee Christensen, Student Support coordinator. "We know that we are each children of God. With that in mind, what is our purpose for being here on earth at this time."

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Running with a colorful twist

Come join the color run at the upper fields this Saturday.

Stoppage time victory highlights an eventful night of competitive soccer

BYU-Idaho's competitive soccer began Friday night with four games.

Sam Brubaker teaches how to continually increase discipleship

Sam Brubaker celebrates the BYU-Idaho students' desire to become disciples of Jesus Christ.

AA Planthouse & Ecuagenera Rare Plant Expo comes to Rexburg

Local plant shop, AA Planthouse, hosts a rare plant expo with the Ecuadorian company, Ecuagenera, on Oct. 7 and 8.