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Shoot it like Stephen Curry

BYU-Idaho students participate in the annual 3-point competition as a part of a March Madness celebration.

Student by day, baller by night

Getting degrees and making baskets: why students take time to play basketball.

BYU-I basketball competition is a slam dunk

The John W. Hart Building Auditorium was packed with fans of all ages on Friday, Feb. 2, waiting to see the contestants compete in the shooting stars, 3-point and dunk contests.

Competitive ultimate frisbee stays for fall semester

For the first time in a long time, students will be able to play Ultimate Frisbee competitively two semesters in a row.

MVP: Luke Olson

Luke Olson was selected to be the golf MVP.

Spartan ladies respond to ultimatum

The Spartans faced pressure on June 14 for players to come to practice because it would determine the existence of their team after too many forfeits.

Hawks golf stays on top of the green

As the golf season is approaching its end, the Hawks have shown their dominance by clinching the top spot before the season after holding that spot for the whole season with just three team members.

Heat Wave

Ultimate frisbee is in full gear. They have had rain, and now they are dealing with the high heat of the sun.

MVP: Sam Phillips

Sam Phillips was a country club pro in Florida for six years and has interacted with PGA and LPGA Tour golfers, but now he has come with his family to BYU-Idaho to achieve his goal.

Facing all and winning — Lady Knights

The Knights Lacrosse team stands tied at the top of the Women’slLacrosse teams.

Injury and loss: Hawks adjust to change

In the past weeks the Hawks have lost their starting pitcher due to an ACL injury and got new coaches mid-season. How are they going to keep moving forward?

Keeping softball going

The 2016 softball season has become more successful than years in the past and its fast passed competition and getting the word out will help make it stay.

Most Read

Finance department introduces a new minor

Even though the minor likely won't be introduced until 2022, students can start working toward the minor now.

Rock climbing in the dark

Lights out. Scary movies playing sinisterly on the wall. Hands grasping in the dark for holds lit only by headlights.

Dreaming from Bolivia to BYU-I: The story of Junior Tovar

This is the story of how a violin changed a man's life.

Treehouse Talks Rexburg — An intimate setting for the Rexburg community

Treehouse Talks is a new weekly occurring event in Rexburg, allowing students and locals to be vulnerable and open with their peers.