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How we watch conference

See how members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints participate in general conference.

COLUMN: Confessions of an Asian American in Rexburg, Idaho

As an Asian American who grew up in the United States, I had to come to terms with my own racial prejudice to accept who I am.

The Basement hosts comedy show for students

The Basement hosts a stand-up comedy show this Friday.

PHOTO GALLERY: “I didn’t know it at the time, but I felt the Spirit”

I thought, “I am not prepared for what is going to go down in this church.”

PHOTO GALLERY: From The Great Wall of China to the Potato Fields of Idaho

On any regular day you can find Sherry Wang watching Japanese anime or listening to her favorite pop music. She isn't like any other student though. Sherry traveled halfway around the world to attend BYU-Idaho.

911 iOS 12 update: A matter of life or death

For anyone calling 911, it can be a scary thought. The advancement of technology has made it not so scary though, so you can put your mind at ease.

Life upside down

"I like to laugh and just have joy in life."

Student creates third way of living life: Tripolar

Tripolar = (bipolar disorder - the belief that it is a limitation) + the life i want to live.

Student grows by competing in MMA

Doug Collins, a senior studying communication, is an amateur Mixed Martial Arts fighter. June 14 was Collins’s first official MMA fight in five years...

Rexburg Maps Crime

Rexburg community has a new public safety program. Alert I.D provides Rexburg citizens with a way to report crime. Citizens have access to a...

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Climb at the City of Rocks with the Outdoor Recreation Center

Take an adventure and climb up to the City of Rocks this Friday with friends and family for only $30.

Running with a colorful twist

Come join the color run at the upper fields this Saturday.

Stoppage time victory highlights an eventful night of competitive soccer

BYU-Idaho's competitive soccer began Friday night with four games.

Sam Brubaker teaches how to continually increase discipleship

Sam Brubaker celebrates the BYU-Idaho students' desire to become disciples of Jesus Christ.