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How international students can better adapt to the American culture

The transition of international students to the American culture

BREAKING NEWS: BYU-I releases COVID-19 vaccination rates

A recent study shows the vaccination rates of BYU-Idaho students and employees are significantly higher than the state averages.

The story behind the apartment of many plants

Sierra Gorder shares her journey of self-discovery from the path to her major.

BYU-I students react to BYU housing regulation changes for unmarried students

Potential benefits and risks could arise if BYU-I imitates BYU's recent housing regulation changes.

BYU-I student dies in Saint George Marathon

Hayden Holman, a BYU-Idaho student from Sugar City, Idaho, passed away this week.

Steps, sights and smiles

Students explored the sights while hiking up Taylor Mountain.

The prettiest place on campus you’ve never seen

Wait, there's an apple orchard on campus?

Constitution Day brightens campus

A spectacular display graced campus on Constitution Day.

Things to do during the summer in Rexburg

There's quite a lot to do in and around town.

What will students miss about Zoom?

Whether it's travel, work schedules, mental health, disabilities or taking care of your family, Zoom has been a flexible schooling option for many students.

Students create mobility device

While finding that service brings joy.

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Choirfest: A fall music festival

It's been a year and a half since the choir's last live performance.

‘Ska-lloween’ is coming

The Opskamatrists return to The Basement for Halloween celebration.

City Council celebrates parks and rec growth and declares a new holiday

From booming sports programs to community service, the council discussed and reported on Rexburg's progress.

Devotional preview: Gaining a knowledge of the truthfulness of the gospel

Daris Howard's focal point of his devotional talk will center around obtaining knowledge and truth of the Church and our Savior.