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Opinion: Candy corn is the worst part of Halloween

To celebrate National Candy Corn Day, I am here to tell you why it's the most inedible candy ever created.

Winter 2020 IBC companies

Students can visit various locations of campus to support other students businesses that they have created through the Integrated Business Course offered here at BYU-Idaho.

A BYU-Idaho guide to halloween

A comprehensive list of Halloween activities in Rexburg.

How to define success in IBC

How the IBC companies around campus define their success.

Roses are red, violets are blue, everything costs less than dinner for two

What's the difference between you and a calendar? A calendar has a date on Valentine's Day.

Local sweet shop brings sweet tooth fix


Sweet Life sweetens campus

BYU-Idaho's IBC company, Sweet Life, is bringing gourmet treats to the campus of BYU-I in hopes to make the university sweeter, one treat at...

A Season of Mystery: Mystery Dinner

Shock, surprises, food, horror, and death; all part of a mystery dinner that that took place on Saturday night. Where students got together to...

Wednesday Update for June 20th 2012

During this date, anchors Austin Allan and Ashley Martin talk about some really crazy food heists in Ohio and Idaho.

I-News 3-9-10


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5 simple electives to fill your schedule this semester

From dancing to conspiracy theories, check out this list of possible electives to take when you need a full class schedule.

Local health clinic embraces the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Pearl Health Clinic is hosting a blood drive and health fair to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

EDITORIAL: God bless the Rexburg roads

We at Scroll petition the city to fix burned-out streetlights, install new lights where necessary and more strictly follow the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) in maintaining road conditions.

Devotional cover: Retaining honor in tough times

On Jan. 11, students and faculty gathered in the BYU-Idaho Center for the first devotional of Winter Semester 2022.