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OPINION: Evolution and Christianity

Opening my mind to different possibilities of the Creation deepened my relationship with Heavenly Father and increased my trust in Him.

OPINION: Embrace radical Christianity

Oftentimes, we are placed in a dilemma between our Christian identity and the system we live in.

New politicians could lead to change in religious freedom

The lawmakers of Capitol Hill make up one of the most religiously diverse Congresses in history, with 97 new members joining the 437 incumbents,...

Masterpiece Cakeshop receives court ruling

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the baker for the Masterpiece Cakeshop vs Colorado Civil Rights Commission on Monday.

Christians are into giving

New statistics have shown that Christians tend to think of others before themselves with regard to financial stability, according to a new Barna report.

Religion is growing in China

“Christianity is growing at exponential rates in China and there are more believers than ever now.”

Decrying gender identity is child abuse

Ontario passed a law making it possible for a child to be taken from a household where parents do not agree with their child’s chosen gender identity.

Gorsuch fights for faith rights

By Serena Miezientseva Some say Judge Neil Gorsuch is likely to rule in favor of religious freedom on the U.S. Supreme Court, due to his...

Student helps LDS family in Pakistan

A suicide bomber in Pakistan has left an LDS family living in Pakistan, without a home. Skyler Swartz, a sophomore studying sociology, is raising...

Understanding Evangelicals

“A Mormon and an Evangelical in Dialogue” will be the Religion Department’s forum on Nov. 1. Robert L. Millet, professor of ancient scriptures at Brigham...

Current Event-Brother Skinner Forum

Today in the Taylor Chapel there was another great university forum. The speaker today was Brother Andrew Skinner. Joining us in the studio is...

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5 simple electives to fill your schedule this semester

From dancing to conspiracy theories, check out this list of possible electives to take when you need a full class schedule.

Local health clinic embraces the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Pearl Health Clinic is hosting a blood drive and health fair to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

EDITORIAL: God bless the Rexburg roads

We at Scroll petition the city to fix burned-out streetlights, install new lights where necessary and more strictly follow the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) in maintaining road conditions.

Devotional cover: Retaining honor in tough times

On Jan. 11, students and faculty gathered in the BYU-Idaho Center for the first devotional of Winter Semester 2022.