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Rexburg’s plans for the 4th of July and more

City council met to discuss 4th of July and other upcoming events.

City council discusses plans and improvements for the summer

City council members met on Wednesday to approve plans for new projects.

Rexburg City Council May 19

The city council discusses upcoming events and other issues on the agenda.

City council denies rezoning request

The Rexburg City Council denied a rezoning request at Wednesday's meeting after hearing complaints from several citizens.

City council discusses upcoming activities and events in Rexburg

From an escape room to an art stroll to the cleaning of Eagle Park, city council discusses opportunities for Rexburg residents to get more involved with the community.

City Council debates developing complexes outside of town

Rexburg citizens expressed deep concern for flooding as developers move outside of town to build complexes and fill in ditches.

Museum of Rexburg plans city’s 183 birthday

Rexburg City Council discusses quilt exhibit for Rexburg's 183 birthday.

City Council passes motion to add police personnel in Rexburg

Additional payroll is needed, according to Rexburg police.

City Council meets on Jan. 20 to discuss future plans for Rexburg

A quick rundown on a recent Rexburg City Council meeting and what it entails for the community's future.

City council waits to vote on mask mandate ordinance

"If we could get everyone online to mute their phones, that would be wonderful," said Mayor Merrill.

Rexburg City Council meeting sheds light on elderly and disabled residents’ needs

City council met on Nov. 4 at Rexburg City Hall.

America’s second safest college town has city council meeting

Rexburg's city council met to talk about the community.

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